The Black Beast is a snake-like creature with a monstrous face and he has a snake-like body, he is a mustached snake beast/movie monster from a movie called "Black Beast", in his movie theater located elsewhere in the city, whose image appears throughout the series, It's actual name is unknown and it appears to be white but not black. Though, the creature's color flashes from black to white when it's on-screen, the creature makes a monstrous like roar similar to that of a lion every-time it's appearance on-screen, "Meat Warrior" is the first episode where Black Beast makes a appearance in the episode but doesn't appear on-screen instead he makes a small cameo on a cobra shaped lake on the map of Q109 that Mouse & Skillet find.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Black Beast being a snake monster is both white & black, it has hair, has a mustache, a mouth with teeth & fangs, two eyes & eyebrows, blood dripping off his mouth, curly lines on his snake body & he has a fin underneath.

Appearance List:[edit | edit source]

The image of the character is shown in every intro, as it appears when the camera zooms on a window that showcases different characters from the series. The only time it doesn't appear is in "Farewell", when the opening was shortened, due to the episode running longer than usual.

Notes/Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Unlike most characters Black Beast is not a real creature that exists the world of 12 Oz. Mouse his existence is only a fictional movie monster from a movie.
  • The Black Beast is the only character that is not fully animated. Instead, it only appears as an image throughout the show.
  • SFX Guy is revealed to work on the movie Black Beast according to Fitz in the second episode.
  • Black Beast is revealed to have a movie theater located in town though it is never seen in cartoon form.
  • Black Beast is the only revealed movie in the movie theater in Q109.
  • Similar to the Walking Fish, this is one of the few characters that doesn't really have any alliances or enemies, though it could be assumed he is a antagonist in his own movie.
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