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Season 3, Episode 3
Air date July 22, 2020
Written by Matt Maiellaro
Directed by Matt Maiellaro
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Awaken is the 24th episode of 12 oz. Mouse overall. This is the third episode of Season 3. It aired on July 22, 2020.


While Shark is being reconstructed into an genetic abomination of Square and himself, Skillet rescues Buzby, and they escape them. Golden Joe and Peanut try to figure a way out of their jail cell. Aria tries to jog Mouse’s memory while Wilx is convinced that Mouse could be the Core to the whole experiment and has the knowledge to escape from the artificial worlds. While tied-up in vines, Roostre cuts them with a pair of scissors and ventures in the World of Muck. He finds a bag of items he needed from the backpack of a skeleton and sees a red door appearing. After the red door appears, Roostre encounters Spider and gets cocooned by the latter. At Shyd Industries, Industry Man hires The New Guy for a very dangerous job.


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  • Buzby is shown to have a switch on his backside, the top of the switch can make him "jig" and dance. He stops dancing when Skillet pushes the switch to "no jig."
  • This episode reveals that the glass jars/coffins that Rhoda, Liquor and the Bug appear inside off are confirmed to be tubes to feed the Core. Buzby also tells Skillet that the Core needs to stay nourished so anyone can live with the exception of them.
  • When Peanut opens one of the doors, water can be heard dripping before blood starts splattering out of the door to the jailcell.
  • Similar to the "Invictus" special, Uncle Grandfather's Temple from Perfect Hair Forever appears on one of the Green-Sweatered Woman's small monitors.
  • The Castellica is revealed to be a castle on an RV in space, which the latter is known as Quad 4 Section 7. This castle doesn't again until "Here We Come."
  • On Adult Swim's closed captions/subtitles for this episode, the noise of the notes from the vines that Roostre was tied up to reads "Tentacle plays a note" and "different note plays."
  • The song that Roostre sings, when tied-up to the vines in the World of Muck, was called "Strings On My Fate." Along with the Magic Carpet song from "Invictus", this song is part of the show's official soundtrack for the third season.
  • When Aria plays the guitar, she does the vocalizing of her Aria.
  • The objects that Roostre found in a bag from the backpack of a skeleton in the World of Muck were:
    • A flashlight
    • Ju Ju bees.
    • Bottled water
    • Face wipe.
  • When Roostre found the objects in the bag, he wishes for some jerky. Jerky was revealed to be some of Roostre's favorite food in "Francis, Cheap & Out of Control."
  • The Ampullae Of Lorenzini can be heard when the New Guy is in his warehouse and applies for a job at Shyd Industries.
  • New Guy is revealed to have no references, family or friends. He is also opened for travel, with the exception of distance.




  • Buzby: Alright, it's cool, it's cool, man!
  • Buzby: Calmdown, take a breath! Oh!
  • Buzby: Ahh! Look, I'm not even trying to fight you back. See, I'm just--I'm just--I'm just frickin' dancin'! I can't stop doing this frickin' jig! Oh, what's wrong with me!?
  • Buzby: Hah, okay. Okay, I'm all cool now. I saw you about to smash those glass coffins and I had to stop you. But if you drag me over there, I'll explain to you-- Ow! Ow! Not by the wing!
  • Buzby: See those tubes? Those tubes feed the Core--and the Core needs to stay nourished so we can live. And that's all I know. I mean, I don't even know what the Core is! Yeah. You were someone great, weren't you? Hey, you remember Muff from Q109?
  • Golden Joe: That one. That's the one. That's the one right there. And you better be right.
  • Peanut Cop: I am, uh-- You're right. I better be right.
  • Peanut Cop: Hmm. And after you.
  • Golden Joe: Why would I go first, man?
  • Peanut Cop: You picked it. Be my guest.
  • Peanut Cop: Hmm. You're right. Then, let's roll...
  • Golden Joe: Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait! Hold up, hold up, man. Let's make sure you know what you think you know.
  • Peanut Cop: With my hat? Right on.
  • Peanut Cop: Let's pick another one.
  • Golden Joe: Man, what the hell?
  • Peanut Cop: Mm. There are so many things to see here. So many, I can't even count. Heh. It's countless.
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: Uh...
  • Aria: You awake.
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: Awake I do.
  • Aria: How do you feel?
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: Feel, um...green.
  • Aria: Ah! Of course! Hang on, I'm re-routing the signal.
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: Um...what are--That's not. Stop.
  • Aria: What?
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: You need to stop.
  • Aria: No, it's almost complete.
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: But the frequency.
  • Aria: What about the frequency?
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: You're using 108. It should be 109.
  • Aria: How would you know?
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: I know because I knew Muff.
  • Aria: No, we're good. I've worked this forward and backwards.
  • Professor Wilx: Aria, use 109. Trust him.
  • Aria: We don't know if it's him!
  • Professor Wilx: But we don't know he's not. Use 109. It'll be cool. There are many ways to figure out if he is.
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: Ahh...So where you from?
  • Aria: I'm from where you are.
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: Oh, yeah. And, uh, where's that?
  • Aria: How did you know about the frequency?
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: And...who's the...guy?
  • Aria: Professor Wilx. He was part of them.
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: Part of, uh...who? Them?
  • Aria: The ones who locked us in here.
  • Aria: Hold your ears.
  • Green-Sweatered Woman: The signal's crunched, they found the frequency. We can't lose this--infect the stream.
  • Green-Sweatered Woman: Alert the Castellica.
  • Roostre: Okay. How 'bout this? I don't know where I been. Cotton mouth full of gin. Strings on my fate. Better look again--
  • Roostre: Oh, man. Look at this. Somebody better get a mop. Is there's a somebody here? Man, where the hell am I?
  • Peanut Cop: Ahh. Man. You remember all that smart stuff I said earlier? About where we are? And where we could go?
  • Golden Joe: No, man. You know what I wanna say to you? Help? Help me? Somebody please help me? Hahahah, no!
  • Green-Sweatered Woman: That one. Pinpoint that one on 18 hertz. Wait for the call.
  • Golden Joe: Help! Please help! Help! Help me! Help! Hahahah!
  • Green-Sweatered Woman: Bitch has a loud mouth.
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: What was that? Whatever that was, I wanna know what it was.
  • Aria: That was a ruse. Something to keep us safe.
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: Ahh...Safe from what?
  • Aria: Them.
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: How long are we safe?
  • Aria: We're safe until you know more.
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: And when will I know more?
  • Aria: You have more questions than I'd imagined.
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: You said. I need to know more. So, give it to me. Straight. The more.
  • Aria: What you need to do is play.
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: Play? What do you mean, play?
  • Aria: The guitar, silly. Come on.
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: I really don't know how to--
  • Aria: You do know. Feel it. If you can feel it, then you own it. Own it.
  • Professor Wilx: I have no doubt.
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: How did...How the hell did I do that? I don't know anything about--
  • Aria: Yes, you do.
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: I don't remember knowing anything about this.
  • Aria: You know...a lot more than you know.
  • Roostre: Gawd, this stuff stinks. What the hell is this crap? Wait a minute, what the hell? What--is that a--a flashlight? Dang, man, there's some Ju Ju Bees and a--Oh wait, some bottled water and a face wipe. Everything a man needs when he's in need. Man, if only there was some jerky in here.
  • Rostre: Okay. We'll play it their way. One second. I'm in Cardboard City, and now, uh...
  • Roostre: Here I am.
  • Industry Man: So I see you're from the place, this says. And you have no references, family, or friends. That's terrific. Ooh! Says here you're open to travel. Oh, but I see there's one exception to travel...distance. I'm afraid that's not gonna work out for us. We really need someone who can-- Wait. Wait. Wait, wait. Got a job for ya. What with your not references and no family. You are going to be so incredibly not missed. You're hired. Hooray.