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Season 3, Episode 3
Air date July 22, 2020
Written by Matt Maiellaro
Directed by Matt Maiellaro
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Awaken is the 24th episode of 12 oz. Mouse overall. This is the third episode of Season 3, It aired on July 22, 2020.


While Shark is being reconstructed into an genetic abomination of Square and himself, Skillet rescues Buzby, and they escape them, Golden Joe and Peanut try to figure a way out of their jail cell. Aria tries to jog Mouse’s memory while Wilx is convinced that Mouse could be the Core to the whole experiment and has the knowledge to escape from the artificial worlds. At Shyd Industries, Industry Man hires The New Guy for a very dangerous job.


Major Characters[]

Minor Characters[]



  • Some scenes of this episode were part of a Season 3 trailer for the show.
  • Buzby has a jig and no jig switch on his back, Skillet turns off his jigging.
  • Its revealed that the glass coffins that have Rhoda, Liquor and Bug inside are called, tubes and these tubes feed the core, and the core needs to stay nourished so anyone can live, except them. Also, Buzby confirms that's all he knows, and he doesn't even know what a core even is.
  • Buzby mentioned if Skillet even knows about CJ Muff from Q109. Meanwhile, the screen then transitions.
  • Shark and Rectangular Businessman are shown to morph a hybrid of themselves.
  • The door that Peanut opened had a large splatter of blood come out and hat moves though a opened holes of blood just to get destroyed by some energy.
  • On the monitors, in the laboratory space themed backgrounds is seen along green text.
  • Aria is re-routing the signal as various numbers appear on it, while it turns light blue, dark blue, purple, pink, red, orange, yellow and green, before changing back to each color. The numbers ends on 108 in yellow. She worked this forward and backwards. Wilx told him to use 109. Aria mentions that she doesn't know if it is him or not.
  • The monitor room that the Green Sweartered Woman appears in, is technically located in the real world.
  • On the captions, the Green-Sweatered Woman's name is shown to be Melissa, in reference to the name of her voice actor Melissa Warrenburg.
  • On one of the Green Sweartered Woman's small monitors shows footage of Uncle Grandfather's temple from the Adult Swim show, Perfect Hair Forever.
  • Mouse is shown drinking bottles of beer again, which he hasn't so in a while since the first season.
  • Space is Quad 4 Sector 7.
  • The Castellica is revealed to be VR Van holding a giant castle. This location doesn't reappear again until "Here We Come."
  • Roostre finally shown cutting the green vines he was hang on with the red scissors from the previous episode, after he cuts the vines black liquids splatter all around him.
  • Melissa tells to pinpoint "that one on 18 hertz", and to wait for their call.
  • Melissa claims and calls Golden Joe "bitch has a loud mouth."
  • Fitz's electric guitar shredding animations are similar to him playing the guitar in the first season, in the episode "Spider."
  • The skeleton Roostre sees laying the waters of the "The World of Muck", has a blue backpack that has a flashlight, Ju Ju Bees, bottled water and face wipe.
  • Spider is shown living in The World of Muck, who strays webs onto Roostre and trapped him in a spider web.
  • In the New Guy's Warehouse, the New Guy's record player, CJ's, a bookcase and a mechanical pig ride are seen, his closet is shown and has the New Guy's clothing which has duplicate amounts of his skin.
    • This is the first appearance of New Guy's record player since the episode "Eighteen."
  • New Guy is shown having a job interview with The Industry Man, he mentions he has no references, family, or friends, he opened to travel, with the exception for travel is distance.
    • The Industry Man's speech to the New Guy is very similar to Fitz's job interview with Shark in the pilot episode "Hired", he even mentions "got a job for ya" and "your hired".
    • Ironically, the New Guy's job with the Industry Man is actually never revealed after this episode.