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Asprind, also known as "aspirin", is a object in 12 Oz. Mouse that appears a few times in the show, which is based off real-life asprind. The asprind is found in the simulation of Q109.

In the show, asprind was invented and was a common cure for things that asprind cures leads to rabies. Shark seems to know about asprind as he hides fields of asprind allover the city.

Asprind was first seen in Shark's office in a slide-show meeting with Shark, Rectangular Businessman, Eye and Man-Woman in "Rooster."

Asprind isn't seen again until a mentioned by Fitz the episode "Surgery Circus", where it was mentioned by Fitz himself, which he needed some.

In the episode "Corndog Chronicles", where Mouse has dreams of him and Shark in Shark's own office when Mouse tries to drink beer, Shark than offers him a bottle of asprind. Shark mentioned the asprind was from "asprindland", but skeleton faces of asprind show up on the said asprind, soon Mouse throws away the said bottle.

Asprind reappears on a television screen when Shark turns on a television in "Eighteen."

Asprind is revealed to be in piles and fields of them, and the fields of some asprind appears in "Farewell." Now according to Peanut, Hovervacs are sourced to harvest and vacuum them from those piles, as a bunch of Hovervacs fire lasers and blast the streets to open up a pile full of asprind.



  • According to Shark, asprind is from a location never seen in the show before called "aspirinland."