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Archeus is a female, pink-glowing orb that confronts Mouse Fitzgerald in "Prolegomenon." While visually similar to a combination of Muff and the musical notes from "Booger Haze", Archeus is presumed to be a separate entity or a fusion of the two beings.


Archeus has a different character design compared to the other characters, she is a pink glowing orb/ball of energy, resembling a pink cloud and bares a resemblance to Muff, she has a swarm of musical notes on her that fly around her.


Alliances & Friendships[]

During her brief appearance in "Prolegomenon," Archeus befriends and confronts Fitz, with the latter questioning her regarding a nearby pinball machine, featuring odd symbols and markings. The orb-like being gives Mouse a bit of encouragement, informing him that he will simply understand the emblems after he gives up the fight for "everything," as the Rectangular Businessman has obtained technology that can "away with the mind." However, as Fitz nevertheless disputes her claims, she reminds the titular character that his wife, children, and best friend Skillet, require his help.


While not exactly stating her opinions on Shark and the Rectangular Businessman, it can be assumed that she despises the duo's plans, reassuring Fitz that his family and friends still need his help to escape the nonsensical world of theirs. However, Shark and the Square-Businessman are aware of Archeus' existence and find her quite annoying. Because shark is a idiot.

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  • When "Prolegomenon" aired on April Fools Day of 2017, [adult swim] altered her way of speech as a joke, with Archeus simply speaking English instead.