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The Animal Chain is an object that is seen in 12 Oz. Mouse a few times. The chain is similar to that of a regular necklace and a chinchilla that appears to be Skillet is placed on the item. It is first seen in "Meat Warrior", where Pronto opens a cabinet, which reveals the golden locket. Pronto observes the chain and then scurries off. Shortly after, Shark opens the same cabinet and sees that the amulet has been stolen. In "Corndog Chronicles", Pronto walks into Amalockh's graveyard, carrying the chain. Amalockh burst out from his tomb, as Pronto shows off the item. Amalochk uses his telekinetic powers to make a treasure chest appear, full of golden items. Pronto tosses the locket into the chest, as Amalochk grabs him with his many arms and later he devours him.

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  • It was probably owned by Shark to prevent the summoning of Amalockh.