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Amaranthe, originally known as Avalanche, is a Swedish heavy metal band. This rock band performs the credits theme for the 12 oz. Mouse special "Invictus" and every episode of the third season, with the exception of "Francis, Cheap & Out of Control." Two members of this band, Elize Ryd and Olof Mörck would later appear as animated characters in the last three episodes of the third season. Elize Ryd would also sing Portal to the Doorway in the ninth episode with the same name.


  • "Beyond the lines. I am in the zone of danger.
  • Stuck in a nightmare, I am holding to nothing at all.
  • Beyond all hope, I am in a state of anger.
  • I sense despair like I'm stuck in a maze, and I know.
  • That there's no one to save me.
  • I need to get out of this squirrel wheel.
  • I'm just like a 12-Ounce Mouse.
  • Now when life gets lonely. I need someone to save me.
  • Tonight is the night. I won't fall, won't break down.
  • Show me your surrender, I'm scared.
  • But I'll pretend I am not.
  • Nothing brings me back down.
  • I am the 12-Ounce Mouse."