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Amalochk, also mispronounced as Amalockh, is a gigantic, many-armed monster that was summoned by Pronto using the Animal Chain, both of which he quickly devours. He resides in a giant tomb, that features small pillars and boxes and turntables on the side. The tombstone lies in the graveyard, a location that is rarely seen in the series. His fate is currently unknown, as he physically hasn't been seen again since the episode "Farewell", though he does make an appearance in a flashback in "Invictus."

This character is animated with a notably higher level of detail than any other character on 12 oz. Mouse, having a design similar to some characters from "Aqua Teen Hunger Force", an another Adult Swim show made byMatt Maiellaro, the creator of 12 oz. Mouse.


Amalochk is gray, has a weird body shape, a mouth with teeth, has yellow eyes that glow red, five small arms, six lines from his back, two large arms with claws, two legs, several tentacles from its back, two weird looking ears, and he is very highly detailed.


Amalockh has the whole entire cardboard city as his enemy, since he is shown to destroy the entire town in "Corndog Chronicles" and start explosions, leading to people screaming and tornado sirens going off. In fact, he did eventually eaten Pronto and killed the Rectangular Businessman in his flying Bank, making him one of the biggest threats in the series.

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  • Although the Bow-tie Bots and the Corn-Droid have very detailed designs, Amalockh is the first character to have a different animation style based off Aqua Teen Hunger Force. 
  • Amalochk's "break dance of death" theme wasn't featured on the 12 Oz. Mouse Soundtrack
  • The creature was designed by animator Todd Redner of Radical Axis.
  • Fitz's Yo-Yo is made from the hair of Amalochk.