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Adventure Mouse
Season 1, Episode 7
12 oz mouse adventure mouse.png
Air date January 1, 2006
Written by Matt Maiellaro
Directed by Matt Maiellaro
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Adventure Mouse is the seventh episode of 12 Oz. Mouse. It is the last episode of Season 1. The episode aired on January 1, 2006.


Rectangular Businessman slices Rhoda's body in half, which reveals all his organs. Including a fire breathing snake. Fitz takes down The New Guy with a rocket-powered skateboard and helps Skillet, along with the rest of the gang escape the shack. Skillet discovers an invitation to a fancy party that Shark is holding, and Fitz decides to crash it. At the party, the green shirted woman continues to nag everyone. Shark asks the square how Rhoda is doing, saying "If you killed her I'll..." but before he can finish, the eye comes along. Square uses a trap door to go underground while Shark is annoyed talking to the Eye. While this is going on, Mouse, Skillet and an unconscious new guy are rocket skating back to town as a devilish object flies overhead. At the party, Liquor tries to mingle, but no one's talking back to him. The two people he tries to start a conversation with are sucked up by the horned devil object. Annoyed, Liquor moves on, as the spider and clock follow him. Liquor talks to the man/woman, who is enjoying the Rules books on the shelf. He doesn't understand why she's reading a bunch of books that are the same book, and ends the conversation with "Your momma, ok?" Outside the party a couple guys are talking about their new car, which is immediately destroyed as Golden Joe, Roostre and the peanut cop arrive back in Mouse's jet. Mouse and co. arrive shortly after on the rocket skateboard. Roostre asks how to get out, and Mouse replies it's better that they stay in there, noticing a bloody body of a human citizen being thrown against the window inside Shark's party. Roostre gives a warning not to go inside there. Mouse is perturbed that Roostre called him Fitz, and then points out that "it's just a name, like Butch." which is what Shark called him in Episode 3. Mouse thinks it's more than just a name, and proceeds to go inside the party with Skillet. Roostre, the cop and Golden Joe continue to bicker, but inside Shark, Square and Eye are watching them on a camera. Shark and Rectangular Businessman get fed up with the Eye and decide to punish him. Rectangular Businessman makes Pronto enter Fitz's house to free the Hand from his icebox. The Hand subsequently cuts off the Eye's leg with a pair of shears. At the party, Fitz is sucked into a passageway behind a bookshelf. As Skillet is shot with a dart and Eye collapses in a puddle of blood, Shark watches from his control room and laughs evilly. 



  • This episode is rated TV-14-V.
  • This is the very first episode to air in 2006, which aired on New Years day, which was also part of a 12 Oz. Mouse New Years Eve marathon.
  • This episode originally aired in an incomplete state. Lighting effects and the end credits were added to the episode by the next rerun.
  • Two Rhoda's are seen in the eye glasses of the Rectangular Businessman in a scene.
  • Eerie music, that sounds like someone screaming, can be heard in this episode, on two occasions in the episode.
  • When escaping the shack at the farm, and failing to escape the shack's door, Peanut is still tied up, but escapes through the chimney of the farmhouse.
  • Golden Joe is shown teleporting into a bathtub of beer bottles and ice, that was shown moving on its own when Roostre sung his "Livin' The Good Life" song, from the previous episode.
  • Shark's invitation is revealed to be a blue shark opening its mouth, and a drop of blood comes out. The words written on the invitation are "Be therd or die." The word "there" is misspelled with a "d."
  • There's writing in the bookcase in the building of Shark's party. Words like "KEY", and "ROOSTRE", and even "SHiT" are written between the book. Letters in the background of Shark's party spell out the messages, "Roostre knows", "Shark is an asshole", and "Skillet is key."
  • The Green-Sweatered Woman is revealed to love bacon-wrapped goodies, which are her very favorite, but the party didn't any.
  • The Eye mentioned that he saw Shark's slideshow, and the latter showed it to him, in reference to the third episode.
  • According to Shark, he claims that the Eye isn't even people, as he describes the Eye as a "round, wet, unblinking horrific orb", and states that he is "gross."
  • Mike Geier's "The Ampullae Of Lorenzini" can be heard in this episode.
  • All of the townspeople are holding bottles of alcohol in this episode, and are wearing bowties.
  • This episode marks the second appearance of Spider, and his first appearance since his debut episode.
  • After Liquor says "Hi" to the Man-Woman, in her woman form, she transforms into her male form, and Liquor responds with "And Hi to you."
  • Shark added a circle effect in middle of a Roostre's face next to a black screen surrounding between the circle. In the original version of this episode, all of the monitors on the monitor set only had this screen visible. This was later removed in subsequent replies of the episode.
  • When Fitz finds the party to be weird, he pours alcoholic liquid into the punch bowl, which he sniffs, and then drinks it, this causes him to hallucination, Skillet also drinks from the punch bowl.
  • As Liquor talks to Mouse, a creepy skull hallucination keeps blinking in and out, as blood and spider-like legs are shown coming out of his head, and this was something that appeared in previous episodes such as "Roostre" and "Spharktasm" for some brief scenes.
    • Three other hallucinations are seen, with one of them having one of Liquor's eyes moving while the screen flashes black and white.
  • One of Shark's monitors has footage of a realistic orange cat on it, this is seen again in the next episode.
    • Liquor's face, including an duplicate monitor, Rhoda's corpse in the bar, and the Green-Sweatered Woman nagging on an Human Citizen, and Roostre talking to Peanut and Joe in the Jet-Car, are also visible on Shark's monitors.
  • Unlike most episodes, this episode in particular doesn't have a normal credits sequence, as the screen shows the cardboard city from the intro, as the Black Beast Movie Theater explodes, and the credits play.
  • In subsequent replies of this episode, after the credits, Skillet appears with sunglasses dancing in front of a mirror. Princess Cruiser is even heard in the background.



  • Rhoda: "Hey, can I, uh, can I get you something?", Uh, partner?".
  • Rectangular Businessman: "I'm sorry, it sounded like you said partner."
  • Rhoda: "You know, buddy, guy, chum, square."
  • Rectangular Businessman: "Let me see if I can get you something."
  • Rhoda: "Wh-what are you getting at?".
  • Rectangular Businessman: "Shark, I am running a tad late, but I am super excited to be attending your little soiree."
  • Shark: "Just get here, and don't hurt Rhoda."
  • Rectangular Businessman: "Well, I promise I won't touch him."
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: "Got to do something, but I can't."
  • Roostre: "Nobody look at him, Get out of here before the song finishes!"
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: "What about Skillet?".
  • Roostre: "There's no time Mouse. He's a goner."
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: "But he's my only friend."
  • Peanut Cop: "Dude, we need to totally, like."
  • Peanut Cop: "All we need to do is."
  • Peanut Cop: "Well, we're in trouble."
  • Golden Joe: "We got to roll gizmites, out of here like last year."
  • Golden Joe: "Dig this."
  • Golden Joe: "This is what you were trying to lay down, right?".
  • Peanut Cop: "Lay down."
  • Roostre: "He's right, Mouse."
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: "Give me that."
  • Roostre: "Give me that, please."
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: "Take the taxi, and meet me in town in one hour."
  • Roostre: "What's an hour in this town."
  • Peanut Cop: "Oh, he's totally on target, man."
  • Peanut Cop: "What time?".
  • Golden Joe: "Time, shine, hine, pine. Golden Joe got's to go. Like right now."
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: "Get going."
  • Peanut Cop: "Dude, give me the keys."
  • Peanut Cop: "I think I should be driving. You?".
  • Roostre: "No way, fuzz."
  • Peanut Cop: "But I insist."
  • Peanut Cop: "Ahh...gimme the keys."
  • Golden Joe: "Don't let him drive, Roost."
  • Golden Joe: "You crazy, you straight up crazy to let him drive."
  • Golden Joe: "I'll drive."
  • Golden Joe: "Step off, man, I'm a good driver. I will drive."
  • Roostre: "No, you ain't, no way you ain't."
  • Golden Joe: "Man, I'm a good driver. I drove my mom crazy all last year."
  • Golden Joe: "I'm a good driver."
  • Peanut Cop: "Yes, he is, he is, I know."
  • Peanut Cop: "Give him the keys."
  • Roostre: "I'm driving, now get on in."
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: "Oh, my head."
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: "He does?".
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: "Well, let's go to the party."
  • Green-Sweatered Woman: "This party isn't that great."
  • Green-Sweatered Woman: "I have been to better parties that have been much greater."
  • Green-Sweatered Woman: "If you think I'm having fun at this party, I'm not."
  • Green-Sweatered Woman: "There are no bacon-wrapped goodies at this party. Bacon-wrapped goodies are my very favorite, I need bacon-wrapped goodies like you plastic surgery."
  • Rectangular Businessman: "Hell of a party, Shark."
  • Shark: "Shut up."
  • Shark: "How's Rhoda doing?".
  • Rectangular Businessman: "She has a small head injury, but nothing too fixable."
  • Shark: "If you killed her I'll..."
  • Eye: "I'll?".
  • Shark: "Yeah, you?".
  • Shark: "Glad you came."
  • Eye: "I'm having fun at your party."
  • Shark: "Yeah, thanks."
  • Shark: "Love it over there. Away from me."
  • Shark: "In Canada, or farther."
  • Eye: "I saw your slide show."
  • Shark: "I know. I showed it to you."
  • Shark: "I was there. Your big wet eyeball was there."
  • Shark: "We were both there. Remember?".
  • Eye: "I do."
  • Shark: "Who told you about the party?".
  • Shark: "Because I don't have people in that often."
  • Shark: "You are not even people."
  • Shark: "You round, wet, unblinking horrific orb."
  • Shark: "You are gross, I really wish you would leave my party."
  • Green-Sweatered Woman: "I want this thing here. Give it to me."
  • Green-Sweatered Woman: "Did you hear me?, I need this for me."
  • Liquor: "Hey, so what do you all do?".
  • Liquor: "No kidding?, in town or..."
  • Liquor: "That is a treat."
  • Liquor: "Excuse me. I have enjoyed our chat."
  • Man-Woman: "I have read all of these books, and they are good books."
  • Man-Woman: "Out of all these books, I would say that they are all these my favorite."
  • Liquor: "Hi."
  • Liquor: "And Hi to you."
  • Man-Woman: "Leave us alone, we are reading."
  • Liquor: "All these books are the same."
  • Liquor: "They are all titled "Rules."
  • Man-Woman: "So?".
  • Liquor: "So mean are reading rules or rules, and if you've read one don't you already sort of know what the other one is about?".
  • Man-Woman: "See lore at era see lore."
  • Liquor: "I'm sorry."
  • Man-Woman: "See lore at era see lore."
  • Liquor: "Your momma, ok?"
  • Buttermilk's Friend: "Hey, Buttermilk. Is this your new car? This looks like your new car."
  • Buttermilk: "Uh-oh."
  • Roostre: "Dammit, Joe, I'm the pilot around here, not you?".
  • Roostre: "I told you to let me drive, and leave these controls alone."
  • Golden Joe: "You did."
  • Peanut Cop: "We have been driving, driven?".
  • Peanut Cop: "Because Jesus saves."
  • Roostre: "Shut up."
  • Peanut Cop: "What am I. What am I talking about?".
  • Roostre: "Dammit, Joe."
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: "Aloha."
  • Roostre: "How do I open this thing?".
  • Peanut Cop: "Dude, that is a mouse."
  • Golden Joe: "Well, ring my ears, stoney, that's crazy"
  • Roostre: "Shut up. I'm trying to get us out of here."
  • Roostre: "It takes concentration, and you two are ruining mine."
  • Roostre: "Now, Mouse, how do we get out?".
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: "I think it's better that you stay in there."
  • Roostre: "Don't even talk think about it, Fitz."
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: "What?".
  • Roostre: "Don't think about it."
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: "What?".
  • Roostre: "Trust me you don't want to go in there."
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: "What did you call me?".
  • Roostre: "I didn't call you anything."
  • Peanut Cop: "You're a mouse."
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: "No, you called me Fitz."
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: "Liquor called me Fitz once."
  • Roostre: "It's just a name like butch. It doesn't mean nothing."
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: "Shark called me butch."
  • Roostre: "Butch is nothing, too."
  • Roostre: "It's like when you wake up, and tell your son's friend, hey, man, are you going to sleep all day, butch, or you gonna mow the lawn?".
  • Roostre: "That's it. That's what it is. That is all it is."
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: "So much more than that."
  • Golden Joe: "Roost, I got to do the trickle."
  • Golden Joe: "You got to open this up so I can go."
  • Peanut Cop: "Me, too, dude.
  • Peanut Cop: "Up Top."
  • Roostre: "Driving with you guys is like driving with a bunch of damn babies."
  • Shark: "And that's where we cut."
  • Shark: "The circle effect is effective."
  • Eye: "That's a good show."
  • Eye: "How does it end?".
  • Shark: "It never ends."
  • Eye: "But everything ends. Somehow?".
  • Shark: "You are becoming a real problem."
  • Eye: "I'm sorry."
  • Rectangular Businessman: "Shark, I think he should prove his sorryness with these."
  • Shark: "Wow. Yeah, that's menacing."
  • Shark: "We are going to hire the Hand next to operate those?".
  • Shark: "Hey, are you listening to me?".
  • Rectangular Businessman: "Shh, I'm making it happen."
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: "This party's weird."
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: "No one's seems to be partying."
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: "Wait, hold on."
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: "That smells good."
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: "This is some good..."
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: "Um, do you want any?".
  • Liquor: "Ah, Fitz."
  • Liquor: "You shouldn't be here."
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: "You know me?".
  • Liquor: "No, I don't. You are my friend."
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: "The head."
  • Liquor: "Get out while you can. Stay here forever. With us."
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: "I think I need to..."
  • Man-Woman: "I have read all of these books, and they are good books."
  • Shark: "Whoa, down little buddy, down."
  • Shark: "I don't want to have to tell you again.
  • Shark: "I will, but I don't want to."
  • Eye: "I hurt, I hurt."
  • Eye: "I need help."
  • Shark: "Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha."