Season 3, Episode 4
Air date July 23, 2020
Written by Matt Maiellaro
Directed by Matt Maiellaro
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Adrift is the 25th episode of 12 oz. Mouse overall. This is the fourth episode of Season 3, It aired on July 23, 2020.

Plot:[edit | edit source]

A Schooner breaks through the defenses of Lotharganin and all clues point to Professor Wilx and his underlying connection to Shyd Industries.

Characters/Cast:[edit | edit source]

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Minor Characters[edit | edit source]

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Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • This is the first episode since "Corndog Chronicles" where the inside of Shark's Office is seen again.
  • This is the first episode where Shark is voiced by Ned Hastings.
  • Bug is shown outside his Glass Coffin, it's possible that Rhoda & Liquor have escaped their coffins as well off-screen.
  • This is the first time since "Meaty Dreamy" where The Bug is alive.
  • The various sounds the Bug makes are whirring, digital charming, chirping, jigging, drums, car honks, motor roars, alarm clock rings, chainsaw whirs, jackhammer hammerings cat's meow & scurrying.
  • The City is shown to be created a long time ago by a simulation program after Fitz appears on-screen cocking his guns, when Aria & Wilx are shown walking through the city's prototype, Wilx mentioned he admire her work on the city, Aria mentioned "I didn't imagine it to render as so "simple", Aria mentions "But why is any?", she is asking why there many building around the city & mentioned "Why do we need 222", this means there are over 222 artificial worlds in the simulation program & one of those worlds has the cardboard city, Wilx then said "Because that's what they required", Aria mentioned "And who are they?", Wilx replies with "You know I can't".
  • Fitz, Peanut Cop, Golden Joe, the Rectangular Businessman & Shark attend a "Flex Time Idea Carnival" with Jazz Music playing, until it is covered in green time-gas by the Clock, also Shark's original design is seen here.
  • Golden Joe's tooth is missing when his mouth moves when he & Peanut Cop are seen next to Jet Skies.
  • A Pineapples say's these lines "Impossible!, I lent my Jet Skies to Margaret and Nathaniel for their divorce" & "I will go off on them like a Bakersfield monkey".
  • Spider is revealed to be working with Wilx & alerting him about a boat in the waters.
    • After Wilx leaves on Spider a clicker pointing a Middle Finger is seen.
  • T.O.P.A.Z. is revealed to be a relic orange car & machine hybrid, it is only has not been fully tested, then T.O.P.A.Z. is then revealed, his machinery shows a bullet cannon, a missile, a green military themed cannon, a flamethrower, a sword, a red razor blade, a robotic punching glove, a katakana, a grenade, nun-chucks, a beheaded chopper, a hose, a plastic bag of needles, a catapult, a report card with F's & a small knife & down below Spider Legs but T.O.P.A.Z. then explodes.
    • The Report card say's that the F's it had were English, Spanish, Math & P.E.
    • A large collection of parts fall down to the water, they shown a fish, a big bottle, a Hawaiian doll, a gear, a glass, a engine part saying "Muff", a tube, a wheel, a engine head, a cone, a engine, a fan & a small missile.

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