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Season 3, Episode 4
Air date July 23, 2020
Written by Matt Maiellaro
Directed by Matt Maiellaro
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Adrift is the 25th episode of 12 oz. Mouse overall. This is the fourth episode of Season 3. It aired on July 23, 2020.


A Schooner on a ship breaks through the defenses of Lotharganin, with its T.O.P.A.Z. defense system failing to stop it and all clues point to Professor Wilx and his underlying connection to Shyd Industries. Golden Joe and Peanut have trouble starting up their jet skis.


Major Characters[]

Minor Characters[]



  • This episode was originally given a TV-14 L rating but was changed to a TV-14 LV rating. This episode's rating was the same for "Invictus", "First 12" and "Awaken" respectively.
  • Thunder can be heard rumbling at the beginning of the episode.
  • The Bug is shown crawling on the walls of the office when the Shark and the Rectangular Businessman abomination appear. It is implied offscreen that he escaped from his glass coffin. These glass coffins were obviously broke open offscreen, presumably from Skillet. Rhoda and Liquor most likely got out of these said coffins as well. These glass coffins were later seen again in "Prime Time Nursery Rhyme" albeit broke open.
  • Shark is voiced by Ned Hastings instead of Adam Reed. Ned Hastings also does the same voice for the Industry Man.
  • The various sounds that the Bug makes are:
    • Whirring
    • Chiming
    • A Plop! noise
    • Digital charming
    • Chirping
    • Jigging
    • Drums
    • Car honks
    • Motor roars
    • Alarm clock rings
    • Chainsaw whirs
    • Jackhammer hammerings
    • A Cat meow
    • Scurrying
  • When the Rectangular Businessman tells Shark, "Your voice is so f*cking irritating." The word "f*cking" was bleeped out by the Bug's Chainsaw whir noise.
  • This episode reveals that the cardboard city was created by a simulation program a long time ago which Aria and Professor Wilx walk through. There are also over 222 buildings created in this said cardboard city.
  • Jazz music can be heard at the Flex Time Idea Carnival. Fitz, Peanut, Joe, the Rectangular Businessman and Shark are shown at the said carnival.
  • The sounds of "Distorted metallic whirring" can be heard when the Clock appears onscreen with time gas covering the Flex Time Idea Carnival. A Boom! sound can also heard when the Clock's hand moves.
  • Golden Joe's tooth was missing when his mouth opens while he and Peanut Cop start to ride on the Jet Skies.
  • The sound of the Jet Ski that was turned on by Peanut Cop was captioned as "Motor sputtering" on Adult Swim.com's closed captions/subtitles. The sounds of the Jet Ski turning on by Peanut were previously used in "Star Wars VII" when Shark was trying to fix his car in that episode.
  • When the two Pineapples watch Golden Joe and Peanut Cop on Jet Skis, one of them states "Impossible! I lent my jet-skis to Margaret and Nathaniel for their divorce." He even claims that "I will go off on them like a Bakersfield monkey!"
  • When the schooner's ship travels through the oceans of Lotharganin, you can heard a bell ringing from the said ship. The sounds of Lotharganin's alarms were also blaring when this ship approaches Lotharganin. This said person rings the doorbell to the door of Lotharganin's laboratory.




  • Shark: What have you done? What have you done?
  • Rectangular Businessman: Embarrassing. Your gills are breathing on my face.
  • Rectangular Businessman: This is going to cost someone plenty.
  • Shark: Oh, God. Stop talking to me.
  • Rectangular Businessman: Maybe I should be heard. The most.
  • Shark: Anyone's you. Seriously.
  • Rectangular Businessman: Your voice is so f*cking irritating. West tide. Grant denied.
  • Shark: I will find you when you are alone.
  • Rectangular Businessman: My network of donors is worldwide. Do not commit. I will be doing all the talking from here on out.
  • Aria: This quadrant turned out rather interesting, wouldn't you agree, Professor Wilx?
  • Professor Wilx: It's quite perfect. I admire your work, Aria.
  • Aria: I didn't imagine it to render as so...simple. The logarithms were insanely complicated.
  • Professor Wilx: Simplicity is merely what lies beneath complication. It serves great purpose.
  • Aria: But why so many? Why do we need 222?
  • Professor Wilx: Because that's what they acquired.
  • Aria: And who are they?
  • Professor Wilx: You know I can't.
  • Peanut Cop: Ahh. Seriously, there is a better way out of here than those useless doors. I should ha--I should have told you that before. But I didn't. Didn't I? About the doors?
  • Golden Joe: Man, trust in you I do not your jiffy ass. How much work does it take to be as dumb as you?
  • Peanut Cop: Come here. Look at these Jet Skis. Jet Skis, man! Ain't those totally bitching?
  • Golden Joe: This is my dream come true, Pean! Let's bounce this dog's house!
  • Golden Joe: Peanut! We ain't got no gas!
  • Peanut Cop: You think? I've never met a Jet Ski that didn't have gas. Watch me trying. Keep trying.
  • Pineapple 1: What are they doing?
  • Pineapple 2: I don't got eyes, so I don't fricking know.
  • Pineapple 1: Sounds like motors. Sounds like Jet Ski motors. Sounds like you left your Jet Skis in the room.
  • Pineapple 2: Impossible! I lent my jet-skis to Margaret and Nathaniel for their divorce. So they--they are definitely not in the room.
  • Pineapple 1: Ahh, they must have--
  • Pineapple 2: They replaced them with replica Jet Skis! I will go off on them like a Bakersfield monkey!
  • Professor Wilx: Your skills are beyond useless. It's a wonder he ever hired you. What's he doing in there? A ship? Approaching, you say? No one on the outside knows? Unless... I'll handle this.
  • Aria: Hey are you okay?
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: Oh! Yes. I must've been sleeping with my eyes open.
  • Aria: Oh, good. Do you remember where you were before you arrived?
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: Mmm. Not yet. 'Cause I'm a rock star now. I can feel it. I can totally feel it. There's something you must know.
  • Aria: How did it pass through the field?
  • Professor Wilx: TransMolecular sonic phase inversion.
  • Aria: No! That's not possible!
  • Professor Wilx: That's something else. Deploy TOPAZ. He will see an end to this.
  • Aria: TOPAZ is a relic, he's not been fully tested, you know that!
  • Professor Wilx: It's all we have!
  • Aria: There's no guarantee. It's not going to work.
  • Professor Wilx: There's never a guarantee, Aria. Nothing's guaranteed. How do you think we ended up here? Let TOPAZ out. We're good. This is fine.
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: Mmm. So what's, uh, this TOPAZ thing?
  • Aria: An outdated Zed 38 prototype. And extremely unfit for duty?
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: Uh, and uh, what's it do?
  • Aria: We shall see.
  • Aria: All surveillance offline!
  • Professor Wilx: Thermal imaging?
  • Aria: Down.
  • Professor Wilx: Vizrad?
  • Aria: Obliterated.
  • Professor Wilx: Endoplasmic reticulum?
  • Aria: DOA!
  • Professor Wilx: Ffrvrnrever godossenen sensors!
  • Aria: Every defense we have is gone. All of it. We are sitting ducks.
  • Professor Wilx: Mmm. Okay, then. Shit happens. We'll figure this out. I'm serious, we'll figure this out, it's not like it's the end of the...this world.
  • Mouse Fitzgerald: Think, uh, someone's here.
  • Aria: No, sh--