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The 750 Floor Building is the largest known building in The City.


As its name implies, the building is a skyscraper that has over 750 floors, with an elevator. Fitz and Skillet crash into this building when riding a corndog-shaped rocket ship from Roostre's basement, and spend their lives on the top of the building in the middle of the season, and they're eventually joined by Green-Sweatered Woman, which Skillet turns into a Terminator-like robot, Liquor, and the Producer Man, the latter of which had the Hand stuck in his brain. The only other characters that are seen in this building, aside from Fitz and co., are Clock, and one of Shark's robotic Bugs.


The building's entrance is seen, as shown in the episodes "Enjoy the Arm", "Meaty Dreamy," and "Eighteen", the building is large and tall, there is a sidewalk and road at the entrance, the building's entrance is square-shaped, has three doors to the inside, and a sign with the letters "A." There is a small shape similar to a moon, a square, a circle, a triangle, "C" and an "F." The building has a small roof chimney, tall-shaped top, and it is located next to other buildings. The top of the building is only seen once in "Enjoy The Arm", which the corndog ship crashes into it. The building is square-shaped, has lot's of squares, one has a hole, another one has a wooden "X" on it, and there is a roof with satellites. A bird feeder is on the side of the roof.


The entrance of the building is never seen once, except a brief inside in the episode "Meat Warrior." The episodes "Meaty Dreamy," and "Eighteen," depict the interior as pitch black. The elevator is filled with many green buttons, and a big green button saying the words "go." The big room where Fitz and Skillet inhabit is empty, and colored gray and white. There is also a pile of weapons in boxes, guns, bombs, grenades, and other weapons found everywhere in the room, which were previously taken from Roostre's basement.

A large clothes closet that has shelves, different kinds of clothes, hangers, boots, shoes, towels, hats, weapons-like guns, missiles, military hats, random hats, grenades, boxes, and bombs are seen. There is a top of clothes closet which has the Animal Chain with a pink dart in it, on the top shelf with shoes, are seen in the wall. There are doors to the elevator, a fireplace with cooked chicken on wooden sticks is seen in the respective episodes "Meat Warrior," and "Meaty Dreamy." An area with a laptop covered by pistols was seen once in the episode "Eighteen."

Appearance List[]


  • Every other floor of the skyscraper are never shown.
  • The only time the Corndog Ship was seen inside the 750th floor of the building after crashing, was in "Enjoy the Arm," and not any other episode.
  • Shark and the Rectangular Businessman appear at the entrance of this building in the aforementioned "Enjoy the Arm," when Shark tries fixing his car as it broke down in "Star Wars VII."
  • It's currently unknown if the skyscraper is currently destroyed or not, most likely due to the events of "Eighteen" and "Pre-Reckoning."