12 oz mouse Wiki

The 12 Oz. Mouse Wiki is open for absolutely anyone to edit and add information about the series. However, to keep this wiki well organized, some pages should follow a structure to be tidy and overall, just neat. The following guideline suggests what should be taken into thought before creating a page, but do not have to be followed very strictly. No serious reprimands, including blocks or bans, will be offered to users simply trying to edit and contribute. Just nods to what the pages should include will be given to struggling users. 

Episode Pages[]

  • Articles should include an overall summary of the episode itself. This does not have to include minor details, but if wanted or needed, go ahead and contribute them to said pages
  • Airdates, episode number, title, or any other information of this kind should definitely be added 
  • Trivia or Goofs are certainly welcomed to be added 
  • A table should be added with a singular screenshot of the episode being featured
  • Galleries should include necessary images to the article, in order for the reader can observe and imagine what is happening. Galleries should not consist of 50 frames from the episode, just necessary screenshots that showcase happening in the episode. However, images showcasing changes or goofs should be added to feature said mistake

Character Pages[]

  • An overall description of the character should be included at the very top of the page. Much detail is not necessarily needed, as personality traits and their physical appearance will be described in the following sections throughout an article. 
  • Headlines such as: "Appearance", "Personality", "Episode appearances" and "Trivia" (if needed) should be included
  • Appearance should go over a character's physical appearance and features, not of their appearances in episodes. 
  • Relationships should include the sub-headings "Alliances & Friendships", along with "Enemies." Both should be well-detailed paragraphs dedicated to explaining what connections the character has with other townsfolk, including people said character has befriended or despises 
  • Powers & Abilities is an extra header that should be used when in need to describe a character's unique abilities or specialties. This does not have to be added but can be placed on a page whenever it is certainly needed  
  • Episode appearances should list every individual episode the character has appeared in. Captions and additions such as "(death)", "(cameo)", or other needed notes should be written if necessary. This section is only to list episodes, not to include paragraph a character's actions throughout an episode. The intentions of character pages are simply to detail about a character themselves, and should not include summaries of episodes and such. Though, if deemed absolutely necessary, whether that be by the user themselves or an admin, the information should be added. 
  • Trivia should include unique information about a character. Examples of this include whether a character is absent in an episode, a crew member of the show gives information about the character only they would know, possibly different voice actors, personal information about the character, and other unique information about a character should be included

Vandalism & Blocks[]

As stated before, bans and blocks should only be used to punish a user who is trying to cause chaos and intentionally disrupt the natural order of this wiki. However, bans should not be given if a user's intentions are simply to add information and expand this wiki. Acts such as vandalism, adding misinformation intentionally, and similar edits, should be the only main reasons to block/ban a user from editing. If a user just requires help, assistance will be given by a trusted Admin of this wiki.