12 oz mouse Wiki
12 Oz. Mouse
Genre: Animated, Surrealist Comedy, Mystery, Thriller
Created by: Matt Maiellaro
Starring: Matt Maiellaro
Adam Reed
Kurt Soccolich
Nick Weidenfeld
Matt Harrigan
Vishal Roney
Scott Luallen
Seasons 3
Episodes 31 (2 specials and 1 webisode)

12 Oz. Mouse was a television show that originally hosted on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim. Each episode was along 11 - 12 minutes long, and ran for two seasons on television, with the third season exclusive for the adult swim website. The show was composed of crude drawings using limited animation, and consisting mostly of random use of gun violence, or alcohol. The series was created by Matt Maiellaro, one of the co-creators of Aqua Teen Hunger Force, and produced by Williams Street for Adult Swim.

The plot revolves a bizarre conspiracy that seems to take nonsensical turns or twists. Although the show can become non-linear, each episode hints that it contributes to a bigger story. The show is serialized, with each episode continuing from the last.

The series originally started on June 2005, with the first episode "Hired" being a special summer presentation, with the rest of the season airing in October 2005 to January 2006. The second season started on September 2006, and the show concluded on December 2006. The show's plot remains unresolved. In May 2007, a webisode known as "Enter the Sandmouse", premiered exclusively on the Adult Swim.com website. So far, only one episode has been released and no more were produced after that.

In 2018, the series returned with a half-hour special known as "Invictus", which premiered on October 14, 2018. After that special aired, an editor for Adult Swim confirmed that the series would be greenlighted for 10 more episodes in 2020. The third season would later premiere unexpectedly on March 31, 2020 as part of that year's Adult Swim's Annual April Fools Prank stunt. The other 10 episodes from the third season would premiere nightly (except weekends) from July 20 to July 31, 2020. The ending credits of both "Invictus" and the season 3 episodes feature a song by Amaranthe.

In February 2021, it was revealed that the show would not be picked up for a fourth season, citing management changes at Adult Swim.


Audience reception was generally mixed. Animated tv[1] praised the uncomplicated story line, while commonsense media[2] panned saying that it's a "bizarre, booze-steeped cartoon for adults." Some viewers have praised the comedic value of the show, while most have panned it for it's use of limited animation.

Home release

A DVD release of the complete series was released February 29, 2008 (leap year), exclusively on the Williams Street shop. The DVD cover depicts Leonardo's The Last Supper with the series' characters replacing Christ and the twelve apostles. However, under a black light, the cover depicts the skeletons of the characters, as well as letters and symbols which make out an email address. The series is presented as a single, continuous movie, with newly produced footage bridging the gaps between episodes. It also features production footage, new music, the episode "Auraphull" in its entirety and collected fan art. The show's first two seasons were officially added to HBO Max on December 31st, 2020. The third season was later added to HBO Max in 2021. The series is also available on iTunes and various POV services.


  • On Adult Swim.com, as well as iTunes, and on some TV guides, the descriptions for every episode of the first two seasons have summaries from the 1974 sitcom, known as Good Times instead with the names changed. Although "Enter the Sandmouse", "Invictus", and the entirely of Season 3 use original descriptions.
  • The hip hop duo Danger Doom has produced a song inspired by 12 oz. Mouse entitled "Korn Dogz" from their EP Occult Hymn. The song uses audio clips from the episode "Rooster", with the line "Corn dogs for the picking" being recited by Danger Doom's MC MF Doom and the series' main protagonist Mouse Fitzgerald.
  • A scene from the episode "Spharktasm" is visible on Space Ghost's monitor in Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters.
  • Two websites known as Corndog Central and 12 oz. Mouse Central respectively have been dedicated to this show. The latter website hasn't been updated since May 2nd, 2010.